Air Purifier Control Panel

A patented solution for advanced purification.

  • Patented use of HEPA 13 filters and UVC light creates safest machine available.
  • Large capacity air flow treats up to 20,000 cubic feet per hour.
  • Filter only needs to be replaced after 9,000 hours of use.
  • Documented effectiveness by independent laboratories.
  • No installation necessary and cost effective.
  • Extended filter life avoids cost and dangers of frequent filter change.
  • Designed to the strict standards of Danish hospitals.



“Rensair reduces the most important airborne viruses, and has been demonstrated to remove the coronavirus family with 99.98% effectiveness.

Oslo University Hospital

Independently tested

Rensair is built to the standards of Scandinavian hospitals and tested by independent laboratories including Eurofins, Norconsult and Oslo University Hospital.

Rensair removes bacteria and virus colonies to undetectable levels
Bacterial and Virus Colonies per m3 air (CFU)

Notes: Rensair test results from Eurofins, Denmark. Competitor test results obtained from competitor website. Both machines running at maximum capacity.

Rensair effectively kills airborne particles
Particle count in room relative to start (%)

Notes: Rensair test results from Norconsult, Norway. Competitor test results obtained from competitor website. Both machines running at maximum capacity. Rensair test conducted in room 60% larger than competitor test.

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The creation of Rensair started decades ago.

Henrik Hendriksen is a Danish engineer and inventor. An expert in the field of ventilation, he represented Norway at the industry association EUROVENT for 5 years, helping to influence the standard across Europe for what it means to have truly clean air.

“My work as an engineer has always involved clean air.”

H. Hendriksen

The Rensair technology was born of a life-long experience with ventilation technology combined with a heartfelt desire to help allay his son's severe allergies. Today, a decade later, twin brothers Frederik and Christian Hendriksen lend their extensive background in business development and finance to the family business to share this technology with the world.