What is Rensair?
Rensair is hospital-grade portable air purifier with patented technology. 

What is a HEPA filter?
High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are made in accordance with specific requirements. It is an efficiency standard that indicates whether a given filter is HEPA certified. Hospital grade HEPA filters are HEPA 13 and above. 

What is UVC light?
UV-C light is short-wavelength UV light emitted from a specifically designed light-source at a wavelength of 200nm to 280nm. It is characterized as germicidal as opposed to UV-A and UV-B because UV-C light deactivates DNA in bacteria, viruses and germs.

Does the UVC lamp used in Rensair emit ozone? 
The UV-C lamp in Rensair does not emit ozone.

What type of stuff will Rensair remove from the air?

How is Rensair different from other air purifiers on the market?
The patented technology of using the combination of a high grade HEPA13 filter and UVC light in a portable format for commercial use, makes the Rensair machine unique. In addition, the Rensair filter and UVC lamp will run for 9,000 hours, therefore the user needs to change the filter only once annually. 

What types of businesses can benefit from using Rensair?
Rensair is used by corporate offices, nursing facilities, restaurants, gyms & yoga studios, hotels, salons, dentists and hospitals, but given the portable design, Rensair fits into most spaces. 

What installation is required?
Rensair is fully plug-and-play. Take it out of the box, plug it in the wall, and turn it on. 

What maintenance is required for a Rensair air purifier?
The HEPA filter and UVC light requires service after 9,000 hours (approximately 1 year of continuous runtime). Rensair will tell you when it is time to change the HEPA filter and it can be ordered from our website. Changing the HEPA filter is a simple process and described in the instruction manual, but if any assistance is required, our technicians are always willing to help.

How big is a Rensair air purifier?
A Rensair is 80cm/31.5inches tall and 42cm/16.5inches in diameter. The height means it can typically fit under a table and with its four wheels, it is easy to move around. The weight of a Rensair is 18kg/40lbs.

Where should I position my Rensair to be most effective?
You can place your Rensair anywhere you like, as long as it has access to the air in the room you would like cleaned. With its 360-degree air intake, it pulls in air from all around the unit.

Can I use Rensair in my home?
Yes. Noise levels are low and the air capacity can clean multiple rooms at the same time as long as the air can flow freely between them. 

I would like to order a Rensair, what do I do?
Great! Reach out to us at sales@rensairus.com or head to our Shop page on this website to purchase online.

How quickly can you deliver?
Generally we can deliver in one to two weeks depending on your location. 

What happens if my Rensair breaks?
Please contact us at info@rensairus.com and one of our technicians will help you. 

What is the warranty of my Rensair?
Rensair offers one-year limited warranty. If something happens to the machine during this time period and it meets the warranty criteria, we will replace your Rensair unit at no cost.

How loud is Rensair?
Rensair has 3 airflow settings:  LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH

*LOW setting = 50dB, a Rensair produces a low even white noise at 50dB, which is equivalent to the recommended white noise level for an infant sleep machine. 

*MEDIUM setting = 60 dB, the equivalent to standard conversation noise level between two individuals.

*HIGH setting = 67 dB, which is fine for a lively place like a restaurant or pub with some background music present. 

*We recommend running the Rensair on the lowest airflow setting in most use cases which can still cover approximately 120 square meters / 1250 square feet with one complete ACH.

Will a Rensair work if I have my window open?
Yes, the Rensair will still work if you open your windows or doors.  However, it may not be as efficient as if the room was sealed because with windows and doors open, new allergens are continuously reintroduced to the room.