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Oak Hill Academy Introduces Rensair

Have you met OHA's very own R2D2? We call it the R2D19 (Rensair 2 Destroy Covid 19). This magic machine is a portable, hospital-grade air purifier that is currently working overtime to help us stay on campus with low COVID counts. Rensair's patented technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, traps and destroys more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family, helping to protect our staff, students, and families through clean air.
We are excited to share we have taken our partnership with Rensair to the next level, and Oak Hill now serves as an official site for one of their many case studies. As part of this partnership, Rensair is sending us one free unit to double our mitigation efforts, so we will now have two units to serve our campus. As an added bonus, our little school was recently put on the international stage by Rensair, which is based in London. Check out their recent press release!
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