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National Covid-19 Preparedness Plan

A recent update from The White House has many businesses, organizations, and individuals making efforts and getting serious about clean air and you should, too.

The Big Idea

As part of its National Covid-19 Preparedness Plan, The White House (in conjunction with the EPA) is rolling out a multifaceted proposal to ensure the health and safety of Americans particularly as it relates to preventing another catastrophic pandemic. Part of this plan focuses on giving “schools and businesses guidance, tests, and supplies to stay open, including tools to improve ventilation and air filtration.”

The Fine Print

Subsequently, the EPA presented its Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, a checklist for buildings to base indoor ventilation and air filtration standards against in hopes of improving their systems accordingly. While the main goal is to encourage the prioritization of clean air in order to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, a national call for schools, businesses, and others who operate out of shared buildings to step up their ventilation and filtration game, will also provide many secondary benefits.

What’s On The Checklist?

The checklist begins with a brief but thorough overview of the importance of clean air and its relation to preventing the spread of airborne illness, especially Covid-19. But more than that, the list comprises four main items that guide businesses and individuals toward implementing healthier air in their spaces: Create an action plan for clean indoor air; Optimize fresh air ventilation; Enhance air filtration and cleaning; Get your community engaged in your action plan. Beneath each item is a detailed list of ways to ensure each business can easily hit every goal.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Moreover, the Administration is taking the endeavor so seriously that it pledges to provide technical assistance to any entity making the effort to improve or upgrade air ventilation and filtration systems. Meaning, if you’re not already taking clean air seriously, this is your sign to make some adjustments (and take advantage of the necessary help and tools). Much of this assistance will be available thanks to funds from the American Rescue Plan, but some businesses have the opportunity to make pertinent upgrades to their systems themselves. Small businesses, for example, can invest in a HEPA filter independently and know it’s making a smart decision for itself while also contributing to a greater cause.