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How Does Rensair Compare to Other Air Purifiers?

How Does Rensair Compare to Other Air Purifiers?

So you’ve made the smart decision to invest in an air purifier—now what? A cursory Google search will present a multitude of different options for air purifiers that are currently on the market at varying prices, sizes, and efficiencies. You may just be learning about what a HEPA filter is and deciding if it’s the right choice for your space. Here’s why Rensair is always a safe bet, especially when compared to other air purifiers.

Low Maintenance = Ease of Use

One of the biggest hassles of most air purifiers is the maintenance required to optimize efficiency. Investing in an air purifier should be as simple as making the purchase, setting up the unit, and immediately breathing easier. But not all purifiers are made with customers’ ease of use in mind—many air purifiers require lengthy installation, extra equipment, and most importantly, time and effort expended on the part of the purchaser.

Rensair units, on the other hand, require no installation; a purchase means your air purifier is ready to use as soon as you’ve got it in your space, no strange cords or attachments to fuss with. Plus, no installation means no chance of error in setting up your air purifier—mistakes during installation often cause stress and money to fix.

Moreover, Rensair’s incredibly long-lasting filters mean it’s one of the lowest-maintenance air purifiers currently available. Filters generally last for more than an entire year, with replacing filters being easy and cost effective, unlike other filters that need constant filter replacement.

 Portability = Convenience

Given Rensair’s efficiency and low-maintenance, it’s understandable to assume its units would be heavy or cumbersome (that airflow capacity is pretty big, after all). However, out of eight different types of air purifiers currently on the market (a combination of residential, commercial, and hospital-grade products) Rensair is one of only three purifiers—only two of which are actually hospital-grade—that is recognized as being fully portable.

 Long Lifespan = Investment

We use the term “investing” in an air purifier because making the choice to implement one in your home is much more than a purchase. You are investing in clean air, a clean space, and a life full of better breathing. But the true investment aspect is derived from Rensair having one of the longest-lasting air filters available; only one residential air purifier has a similar lifespan, though it lacks in nearly every other category in comparison. As noted on our website, a Rensair filter only needs to be replaced after around 9,000 hours of use, which translates to having a lifespan of over one year. That’s a full year of no stress, worry, or maintenance when it comes to replacing your air filter, and doing so is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish, too. Having an air purifier with an extremely long filter life means you save tons of time, money, and avoid the potential hazards of frequent filter replacement.

 High Efficiency = Best Value

When it comes to efficiency, Rensair stands above all other competition. While other air purifier brands have achieved the same success levels of large airflow capacity and the trapping of both small and large airborne particles, Rensair stands in a league of its own in many categories that other brands can’t. For one thing, Rensair purifiers create full room air circulation; testing and documentation confirms its ability to create full air circulation in a given room, whereas no other air purifier has been able to make the same technological strides.

Rensair is also the only hospital-grade air purifier on the market that has laboratory testing to confirm it completely eradicates filtered pathogens. In other words, Rensair is so well-engineered and technologically advanced compared to other brands and models that it can actually eliminate pathogens instead of simply trapping them.

Additionally, one of the most important qualities setting Rensair apart from any competition is the fact that it is currently the only available air purifier that has confirmed “safe maintenance,” meaning there is no PPE required due to the fact that Rensair filters are properly sterilized. When you’re paying for the product with the most convenience, safety, efficiency, and longevity all rolled into one incredible hospital-grade air purifier, trust us when we say you’re getting the most bang for your buck by miles.