Commercial Air Purifier

Hospital-grade air purifiers, made portable.

Clean air for every space.
Commercial Air Purifier Details

Patented Engineering

Rensair has been designed to incorporate a high power UVC light within the cylindric high quality HEPA13 filter. The patented design causes the UVC light to constantly clean the HEPA13 filter resulting in a safer product. Rather than merely capturing viruses and bacteria, Rensair UVC light kills them while they are trapped in the HEPA13 filter. 

Large Cleaning Capacity

Cleans up to 20,000 cubic feet per hour.

360 Degree Air Flow

The patented design draws air in through the high-power motor, cleans it and distributes it at 360 degrees. This design allows for Rensiar units to be effective regardless of where in the room it is placed.

Documented Effectiveness

Tested by independent worldwide leaders in science and technology.

Ease of Use

Simply plug in and use. No installation required.

Low maintenance

As a result of the patented designed use of UVC light, the filter only needs to be changed after 9,000 hours of use at which time the filter is completely clean. All other air purifiers require more frequent filter replacement which adds expense and possible exposure issues.

Commercial Air Purifier Filter and UV Light

What makes rensair superior

The Rensair air purifier is the only hospital-grade option on the market that is portable and cost effective.

Using HEPA13 filters and UVC light it destroys more than 99.97% of airborne viruses (incl. coronavirus) & bacteria while most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap harmful particles. It is a patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology, documented by independent laboratories.

How It works



Ambient air travels through the Rensair system, entering a pre-filter, which traps larger particles and dust.

The pre-filter is easy to remove from the top of the Rensair air purifier to clean and does not have to be changed.


2. FAN

A powerful fan (up to 20,000 ft³/hour, 155 litre/second) forces the air into a cylinder-shaped HEPA 13 filter below. 

The fan is a key component of the Rensair design. An extremely high static air pressure is created in the cylinder as a result of the fan, maximizing use of the high quality HEPA filter.



As particles impact the HEPA 13 filter, a barricade is created that prevents the escape of bacteria, viruses and other airborne microorganisms.

The continued air flow keeps the microorganisms fixed to the filter surface. 



The UVC lamp, placed in the center of the cylinder, continuously illuminates the entire filter surface, thereby disinfecting the surface by destroying the DNA in the bacteria, viruses etc. 

Destruction on the filter surface further reduces the potential for contact with hazardous material during the filter change. 



A large volume of clean air leaves the Rensair at 360 degrees.

Medical-Grade Air Purifier

Our Mission

Clean air for every business space.

The Rensair air purification technology was originally developed for Danish hospitals meeting strict medical requirements. In light of COVID-19 the technology has now been made available globally.

One of the main advantages of Rensair is its portable and compact design, which makes it a suitable solution for virtually any setting.


Schools are balancing severe budget constraints with the need for a clean air solution to keep students, teachers and building staff safe. Upgrading an existing HVAC system is both cost prohibitive and time consuming. Rensair can provide a cost effective portable solution regardless of the age, layout or construction of the facility.


Given the airborne nature of the Covid19 virus, guests will not return to hotels until they are confident that air quality issues are addressed. Rensair performance and design can provide a level of safety in all common spaces, dining areas, fitness centers and guest rooms.   


Rensair was originally used in hospital wards to reduce the spread of airborne diseases. In order to maintain safe spaces in hospitals, nursing homes, medical office buildings, urgent care centers and all other medical settings, medical providers are searching for air purification options. Rensair is the only safe cost effective hospital grade air purifier available.

Sports Venues

While venues need an industrial air purification plan for main entertainment spaces, they must address all other spaces within the facility. Rensair units provide immediate portable air purification for luxury suites, locker rooms, medical suites, press areas, workout rooms, front office, etc. Rensair provides an immediate solution to all operational areas within a venue.


Diners are anxious to return indoors to restaurants but will only do so if they feel safe.  Rensair provides a safe solution for almost any size restaurant.


For common spaces and where distance between desks is limited. Rensair complements existing HVAC systems.

How many Rensair Air Purifiers do I need for my business?

Fill out the calculator below, to estimate how many Rensair units your space requires.

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Room size in cubic ft
Number of units required

We recommend using one Rensair for every 1,250ft² of space if you are running it at lowest capacity (low noise at 50dB). Or for every 2,200ft² if your space can handle more white noise (67dB) e.g. in places with background music.

Rensair can work in tandem with an existing HVAC system, and will not interfere with the airflow. In fact, Rensair can enhance an existing HVAC system by immediately cleansing room airflow before it cycles through a room.

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